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Use of the Responsible Individuals List (RIL) is required by North Carolina statute. Agencies must follow law, rule, and policy when using the RIL. The RIL is in place to ensure anyone who has caused harm or maltreatment to a child is not placed in a position giving them access to children. This 90-minute webinar explains the how and the why of the RIL and provides guidance to help agencies ensure they are using the RIL correctly.

[NOTE: In the webinar a presenter stated minor parents cannot be placed on the RIL. This is incorrect. Minor parents can be listed on the RIL.]

[NOTE: The DSS-5104A has been revised in the following fields: Field 12 – Date Notice delivered to alleged perpetrator/ ex parte order entered. The instructions have also been revised to include the following: Enter the date (in the eight-digit numeric MMDDYYYY format) that the notice to the responsible individual was delivered. This date cannot precede the Date of Case Decision listed in Field 10 on the DSS-5104. If the responsible individual is unable to be located, enter the date ex parte order entered. ]

(Event Date: 6/16/20)


Peter West, Regional Child Welfare Consultants Team Manager, NC Dept. of Health and Human Services, Division of Social Services
Gail Carelli, Assistant Attorney General, NC Department of Justice