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Handouts and Follow-up Document


Secondary traumatic stress (STS) can have a significant impact on child welfare professionals, their agencies, and ultimately on outcomes for children and families. Yet child welfare agencies often find it hard to identify and implement organizational strategies that effectively prevent STS and support those suffering from it. This webinar will explore what STS is, why it matters to agency leaders, and how you can address this critical workforce issue. (Event Date: 6/3/2015)


Jeanne Preisler, Coordinator of the NC Division of Social Services’ Project Broadcast, a federally-funded effort to make North Carolina’s child welfare system more trauma-informed
Kelly Sullivan, PhD, MEd, the Mental Health Director of the Center for Child and Family Health and an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University
Susan G. Osborne, Director of Alamance County Department of Social Services