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Handouts and Follow-up Document


Safety resource placements have frequently been used by CPS to ensure safety, permanence, and well-being for children and their families. However, in response to growing concerns regarding the overuse of safety resource placements and especially the length of time children are remaining in them, North Carolina has reviewed and revised its policy around this practice. This 90-minute webinar provides an overview of impending policy changes, including the use of a new approach called the “Temporary Parental Safety Agreement.” Target audience: Child welfare professionals from NC county child welfare agencies (including directors, program administrators/managers, and line staff) and their court partners (including judges, attorneys, and GALs).  (Event Date: 9/8/2016)


Arlette Lambert, NC Division of Social Services
Dee Hunt, NC Division of Social Services
Kevin Marino, Assistant DSS Director from Montgomery County
Jamie Hamlet, Attorney for Alamance County HHS