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Gary M. Nelson, DSWDirector Emeritus, Family and Children’s Resource Program
Professor and Associate Director for Program Development and Training Initiatives, Jordan Institute for Families

Gary M. Nelson serves as Associate Director for Program Development and Training for the Jordan Institute for Families and as the Director Emeritus of the Family and Children’s Resource Program. He has extensive experience providing competency-based training in child welfare services in the public and private sectors within North Carolina and other states. His professional interests include the areas of leadership development, community and organizational change, organizational theory, organizational culture, learning organizations, child welfare, adult and aging services, and social policy.

In the area of leadership development, Dr. Nelson has created North Carolina’s Leaders in Transition program, a competency-based course for directors of county departments of social services designed to help managers and leaders in the public sector create an organizational culture characterized by continuous learning and forge partnerships inside and outside the agency in support of improved results for families. Dr. Nelson has also applied many of these same principles to work with leaders in organizations such as the World Bank and Habitat International.