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Our Vision

We envision communities where individuals and families are strong, safe, and thriving.

Our Mission

The Family and Children’s Resource Program uses innovative training, capacity-building, and facilitation to help organizations increase their impact on the families and communities they serve.  FCRP works with organizations to develop customized products and services to improve outcomes at the family, agency, and community levels.

     Services we provide include:

  • training and coaching to support skilled and trauma-informed employees
  • improving evidence-based practice
  • developing customized interactive online and in-person training
  • convening and facilitating stakeholder meetings to support change processes
  • other consulting services based on your needs

Contact us today to learn how we can support you and your mission to improve the lives of the people you serve!

Our History

The Family and Children’s Resource Program at the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Social Work was established in 1993. In its nearly 30 years of experience supporting social workers, one of its primary partners has been the North Carolina Division of Social Services.  In this long-running partnership, the Resource Program has helped NCDSS develop and deliver dozens of child welfare in-service training courses and educational publications, plan and implement conferences and summits, and carry out significant system reform and practice improvement efforts.

FCRP also partners with family-serving agencies and community-based organizations, such as LMEs/MCOs, schools, local governments, healthcare providers, and nonprofits.